Are you up to the Challenge

The Golden Eagle Challenge is a katas/forms only competition. All competitors are challenged to perform their best multiple times and some are challenged to perform multiple katas/forms.


Saturday, September ??, 2024

Galway High School

Doors opens at 9:00 AM
Judges Meeting at 9:30 AM
Opening Ceremony 9:45 AM
Competition starts at 10:00 AM

Golden Eagle Martial Arts invites martial artists, from all styles, to compete in a kata/forms only challenge tournament.

This is a 518 Martial Arts points event.

The challenge is that each competitor will perform multiple times.

Grasshopper, Warrior, & Samurai competitors may perform the same kata/form each time.

Shogun and Black Belt competitors will perform at least two different katas/forms and as many as five different katas/forms based on experience.

There will be medal rounds with a championship round for similar medal round winners.

Champions will compete for the Grand Championships.


GEMA 200