This is a kata/forms competition only. It is similar to the World Karate Federation competition (please watch the video below). Competition is open to all styles of martial arts and katas/forms can be traditional or creative. Unlike the World Karate Federation this event will not be using a predetermined list of katas/forms. Martial artists will compete in pairs in a bracket format, however all competitors will perform at least twice. In their next pairing they must perform a different kata/form. Every competitor will select three to five katas/form, depending on their experience, to perform in the challenge. Each competitor's selected katas will be listed on their competiton card and cannot be changed once their division has started competing. Once a kata/form has been used by a competitor it cannot be repeated until the competitor has used all of their listed katas. 

Competitors advancing to the championship round, from the medal round, must select from their unused katas first. If a competitor has performed all their selected katas they can than select from their previously performed katas. At no time can a competitor perform the same kata/form for consecutive pairings, except the last one used. The same rule will be used for black belts advancing from the championship round to the grand championship round.


Each pairing will have a red (aka) and blue (ao) competitor. This will be designated by the appropriate color markings on the floor outside of the ring. In the medal rounds both competors will perform at the same time. The red (aka) competiotor will start at a position on the right side of the center referee. The blue (ao) competitor will start at a position on the left side of the center referee. In the championship rounds the competitors will perform one at a time. They will stand at the appropriate colored markings outside the ring when they are not performing. The red (aka) competitor will perform first and the blue (ao) competitor will perform second. After each competitor has performed, both competitors will present themselves to the judges. The judges will select a winner by raising a red (aka) or blue (ao) flag. The competitor with the most flags raised is the winner of the pairing. Prior to each pairing's performances each competitor will inform the scorekeeper of which kata they will perform.


The Golden Eagle Challenge offers the following Age Divisions*

  • Under 7
  • 7-8
  • 9-10
  • 11-12
  • 13-14
  • 15-17
  • 18-34
  • 35+

The Golden Eagle Challenge offers the following Rank/Experience Divisions*

  • Grasshopper: Less than 1 year of training, 3 katas/forms required
  • Warrior: 1 - 2½ years of training, 3 katas/forms required
  • Samurai: 2½ - 4 years of training, 3 katas/forms required
  • Shogun: 4+ years of training, 5 katas/forms required
  • Black Belt: 1st°, 2nd°, and 3rd°, 5 katas/forms required
  • Master: 4th° and higher, 5 katas/forms required

* Groups may be combined as necessary, based on registrations. Divisions will have a minimum of two competitors. Medal round divisions for Grasshopper, Warrior, and Samurai will be no bigger than four competitors. Medal round divisions for Shogun, Black Belt, and Master will be no bigger than eight competitors.


All katas/forms will be judged on performance. Judges will consider the following when evaluating a competitor's performance: balance, focus, speed, power, and spirit. Judges will not consider technical differences such as hand position or form, kick height, stance used, etc. as there are many differences from style to style. Gymnastics will not be considered in the judges' evaluations unless both competitors used gymnastics in their performances and the competitors are considered equal in the primary judging criteria.


All competitors must wear a clean and complete uniform. If a school does not wear a uniform top as part of their uniform, then a clean t-shirt representing that school may be worn. Sleeveless tops and t-shirts are not allowed.

Black Belts

Black Belts that wish to compete must participate in the judging process.

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